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Perfume Bottle Lighting Study

Perfume Bottle Lighting Study

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This project took about 2 hours start to finish. Initial modeling was around 45 minutes and maybe another 30 for sculpting imperfections. I already have a lot of textures so it took around 20 minutes in photoshop just to tinker with them and get them to my liking, then the last 30 minutes or so was spent quickly lighting, rendering, and popping it into Photoshop to clean it up. I really love makeup and beauty project packaging and advertising. I really like the very clean look of it. A large part of material design and making things look more real is adding compounding imperfections that tell a story, but with things this clean, there is almost an expectation they will not exist, so to make it look more real you tell a story of how it was removed. Minor imperfections like fingerprints that you smudge out and lightly fade away until they are nearly invisible but just break up the light the smallest amount, a matter of one pixel here, a little less specular highlight there, small milling marks that I then intentionally retouch out to make it look more perfect in post. Little things so you maintain the perfection of a digital environment but are able to capture the natural feeling of an actual object in front of the camera. Also, backlighting is highly prized, since the product is glass, which I think is a beautiful and I love how light interacts with glass.