Limi – The Best I Ever Had

Client: Limi


The primary objective for this project was to shoot and retouch the cover photo. Minimalistic was the goal, so we spared all the extra typography and things and kept it clean with just a good portrait that we felt matched the vibe of the song as best as possible.

Thoughts and Notes

Due to COVID-19 restrictions I shot and edited this photo start to finish myself with the help of one other person. We used a makeshift lighting setup with a car with the high beams on. Shot at 400 iso, 1/80th of a second at f1.8 and stabilized on a monopod.

We did this shoot at around 10pm; due to the low light, autofocus was usable but ineffective so this was mostly a game of tinkering with the focus ring, getting a lot of shots, and just hoping some came out clear. Thankfully this one came out pretty good and we are all happy with the results.