Boat Railing

Client: Spacegrade Composite Engineering

Other Software


Client requested visualization of custom made carbon fiber handrailing for their customers boat. Handrailing was to be made to same specs as the original boat railing, except made using carbon fiber and following motif with some other products using a chrome collar on joining tubes. This rendering was intended to be shown to the client prior to fabrication.

The initial model was made using Autodesk Maya. The model was then imported into blender for lighting using a combination of photo HDRI maps and maps produced using HDR Light Studio, then rendering in cycles using a material I specially made to mimic the look and behavior observed on the clients own carbon fiber materials. The material was made using a combination of practical and procedural textures made using substance designer. The scene was then finalized and composited using Photoshop.

Thoughts and Notes

Although not specifically asked of me. I enjoyed creating a quick composite render of the railing on the actual boat as I believe it adds value for the end customer. This came to me as an after thought but was an easy 45 minute project including holdouts and AOVs.

I phone photos are a pain to work with. The in phone stabilization changes how the sensor interacts with the lens and can make camera matching a pain.