Yacht Loop

Client: Spacegrade Composite Engineering

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Client requested visualization of custom made carbon fiber loop which is anchored at the back of a yacht, limo, or boat. This is a product that has already been fabricated so photos of real-world reference were made available to me, which saved me a bit of time. Total modeling and texturing time came to about 3 hours. Bright white background and studio lighting that maintained consistency with the warmth off the existing photo studio setup the client uses was expected.

At a later date it was requested to do a short video for the product as well. This was shot in 3 lighting setups, 4 cameras and took around 12 hours start to finish including render time.

Thoughts and Notes

Material went through multiple revisions as this was the first project with this client. This was prior to formally making a proprietary carbon fiber texture which accurately represents the specific materials used to produce their products.

The first 3 still renders were a rush job using basic carbon fiber which anyone can create easily in substance and needed to be produced over night so it obviously had a short deadline. I had substantially more time to produce the materials used in the video and I am much happier with the results. It was a difference of needing the render the next day and not needing it for a work week.

We have since developed a new carbon fiber material which will be used on all future projects.