Modified Boat

Completed in: 20H

Spacegrade Composite Engineering


I was hired to model and 3D render a boat from CAD drawings to display to a customer. This boat is a modification of an existing boat that allows for a wheel chair to be rolled in from the front. Although the CAD design was already made, besides it not being 3D modeled, making changes near impossible, it also was only the haul and the expectation was a visualization of the entire final product. Total project time came out to around 20 hours including render and post production time.

Thoughts and Notes

It was noted to the client that based on the drawing, I am not sure a wheel chair will be fitting through the front of this boat but thankfully this is just for visualization purposes and that is an issue that could be taken up with the CAD designer.

This was made using the first early stages the proprietary carbon fiber material made for Spacegrade. This specific variation I feel does not do the nuances of carbon fiber justice but the client was happy so I am also.

This specific boat model, unmodified, is actually very easy to find reference photos of but very hard to find good ones. It is not a boat most people post nice photos of or use in photo shoots so I actually found a seller and gave them a call to see if they had some more photos I might be able to see. They were nice enough to send over a few more photos they send to prospective buyers which I was able to use to build a more accurate final model.