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IANVS Product Photo Retouching

IANVS Product Photo Retouching


IANVS tasked me with retouching each of the images below. Requirements were to properly expose, color correct, and edit out unnecessary micro wrinkles where applicable, ignoring the black shirts wrinkles as they are intentional, and to add “a final polish” to get them web ready, as well as optimize the images for viewing on a light or white colored background, while maintaining consistency with other images on the website. Total processing time for all 3 images came out around 2 hours.


Thoughts and Notes

The exposure disparity of the background and foreground did not make it easy to maintain consistency in the background no both black foreground images like the black shirt, or white images like the 2 white tee shirts. Proper lighting and distancing the subject from the background makes a huge difference but to my understanding, due to covid constraints, these images were shot in a smaller studio making that much more difficult, so I guess in this instance we are all just working with what we have.

I took the time to try to straighten out the shoulders a bit as well as the logos as best as possible and just make sure everything was still natural looking but also clean and meets the standard of looking “polished.”

I did some minor clean up on the skin just so it looked a little more consistent with the rest of the photo but did not want to over do it so it would stay consistent with other art.