Limi – Wild Type

Client: Limi


The primary objective of this project was only the cover. The photo that came to me was shot on a rooftop during winter nearing blue hour so it was a very cool photograph. The main goal was to exemplify spring excitement. I wanted to keep a lot of the blue because I felt it gave the photo a certain innocence, and manually boosted the golden highlight on the side of the face to sell a more spring-ish feel. Minor touch ups were done around the jaw line. Both Limi and I agreed the bottom up angle was not very flattering, a bit like a bad highschool selfie, but we liked the angle since it really sells that the sky is the limit and it fit with the song so well. We just brought the sides of the jaw in a little bit to compensate for the short focal length. I was thinking back to when I was younger and I used to play with this old film camera that we had and when the weather was good I would pretend I was making a movie and I would run around getting shots of anything and everything just because it made me happy, although the results are as you would expect of a 5 year old and were particularly bad. I wanted to give the cover a bit of that spontaneous look, very wild and very free, not worried about correctness and just about having a good time, and I think the film grain adds a lot of that. A very subtle glow effect was added to the text and to the advisory to give the appearance of being exposed into the film.

Thoughts and Notes

This photo was originally shot at a 800 iso which is a bit high in my opinion but after all was said and done, with the added film grain and the whole process of simulating the film look, it really ended up not really mattering and kind of worked in favor of the end result I think.

We looked through around 700 photos taken from this shoot and there were a lot of really good photos. Probably even some “better” ones, but in the end, we really liked how the message fit with the bottom up view, looking to the sky, and determined that this shot might not be the “better” shot but it is the “right” shot.

A number of other promotional materials were actually ready and being prepared for this project but never got used since Mona Lisa was still the priority.