Limi – Mona Lisa

Client: Limi


Edit photography for album art and YouTube release art. This project was intended to not be identical in style to the Mona Lisa painting but to draw inspiration from some of the stylistic elements and color scheme. Part of the aesthetic is meant to be consistent with an aged painting without appearing to mimic a painting. We settled on an orange and teal color scheme with a magenta undertone for primary album art, and teal with red light leaks and a magenta undertone for all other artwork. We felt that in place of large text, a subtle “fast” hand-written look in the lower right of the cover like a signature on a painting would fit well and we kept the theme with the rest of the art as well.

Thoughts and Notes

This project was a lot of fun. I was able to participate in the photo shoots for this project which gave me a great feel for the project. This is not an opportunity always available during these types of projects and I am very happy with how this project turned out over all.

The grapes and peaches on the table were actually an after thought. We had finished the shoot and then a few days later felt the candle on it’s own just didn’t quite hit the mark for the iconic 16th/17th century type look. We felt the symbolism associated with certain fruits may be a nice touch so I composited them in later.

Originally the cover was going to be much darker. I go through various optimization steps. Because the cover needed to be viewable on both light and dark backgrounds due to Instagram being very bright, and spotify, tidal, and youtube for mobile devices being dark themed, I moved for a more neutral value which makes it easier to look at on a wider variety of platforms.